Theme of the 2016 International Open Access Week: Open In Action

Open Access Week logo

Each year, the world celebrates International Open Access Week, which this year will be October 24-30. A theme is used to inspire all of the discussions, and this year's theme is "Open in Action". 

Nick Shockey explains in the post about the theme

"The “Open in Action” theme will also highlight the researchers, librarians, students, and others who have made a commitment to working in the open and how that decision has benefitted them—from researchers just starting their careers to those at the top of their field."

We are very excited for this year's Open Access Week at Pitt and are starting to organize our events for the year with this theme in mind. As we approach the end of October, we hope you'll think about what actions you can do or are already doing around Open, and how these actions have impacted your work and your field. Make sure to join us for the conversation!